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        eXtended Detection and Response cybersecurity solution


        The integrated solution that successfully stops attacks and increases the cyber resilience of the organization. It combines the most advanced Prevention capabilities, low overhead EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and Network Traffic Analytics. GravityZone Ultra Plus extends the endpoint-based threat detection capabilities of a traditional EDR by incorporating network incidents (XDR) to successfully counter advanced threats no matter where they emerge in the infrastructure: on the Endpoints, in the Network or in the Cloud.


        Advanced attacks are difficult to detect because they employ tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that individually look like normal behavior. An advanced attack can get undetected for months, significantly increasing the risk of a costly breach. Ultra Plus is equipped with specialized ML and event correlation models that enable the detection of soft indicators that are typically missed by other technologies, providing early attacks detection.

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        * Please visit the Managed Detection and Response webpage for more details

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