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        AV or endpoint protection is not enough to stop new ransomware, 0-day exploits, or fileless attacks.

        hawkersBitdefender MSP Securityhawkers lets you stop these threats more effectively thanks to the extensive set of hardening, prevention, and detection layers, and the machine learning and behavioral technologies perfected over more than 10 years with data from over 500 million devices.

        Unlike other next-gen and EDR solutions, Bitdefender consistently demonstrates better effectiveness in independent real-world security tests.

        The Bitdefender unified layered approach stops most threats automatically, before they turn into breaches. Use a single MSP GravityZone console, integrated with RMM tools, to better protect customers, streamline tasks and grow profits.

        hawkersSee independent tests results

        The most effective advanced attack protection. Proven in real-world tests


        The Bitdefender approach leverages extensive risk, hardening and prevention to stop threats before they execute, unlike EDR-first tools that rely on incident detection, after a breach has happened.



        Bitdefender Endpoint Risk Analytics shows you risk scores based on your customer’s device settings in Browser Security, Network and Credentials, and OS security, and takes into account application vulnerabilities.

        This gives you continuous visibility of the security posture of your customers and lets you compare risk across companies and time and show improvements or support compliance with regulations around system benchmarks.

        To mitigate risks and reduce the attack surface area, you can drill down to see misconfigurations and apply fixes. About 90% of misconfiguration fixes can be applied automatically and, if you are using Bitdefender Patch Management, you can also apply the missing patches from the same risk view, with minimum effort.


        hawkersEndpoint Detection and Responsehawkers and hawkersattack forensics and visualizationhawkers are quickly becoming key pieces of layered defense for Managed Service Providers.

        Activating the Bitdefender EDR add-on product on top of Bitdefender endpoint security and ATS will allow you to detect and stop potential attacks early, as well as improve security posture and support compliance.

        hawkersAttack visualizationhawkers is essential to understanding a potential attack that may be unfolding. However, you can also look at attacks that were blocked to identify gaps in protection and identify all the changes or impacts of an attack to support compliance.

        hawkersBitdefender Endpoint Detection and Responsehawkers correlates data across multiple sensors and looks for anomalies, providing prioritized alerts. In the 2020 Mitre ATT&CK tests, Bitdefender EDR outperformed all other solutions, offering the most contextual detections.

        Bitdefender EDR’s position as the last of many hardening, prevention and automated detection layers minimizes the noise and false alerts. It also greatly reduces the risk of catching attacks too late, after a data breach has already occurred.


        Easily activate and administer core protection and add-ons with a simple web console, extensive RMM integrations and APIs


        • Risk Analytics

          hawkersTrack and fix misconfiguration and vulnerability riskshawkers

        • Patch Management

          hawkersAuto and manual patching for Windows and 3rd party appshawkers

        • Full Disk Encryption

          hawkersSimple key management and compliance reporting on Windows and Machawkers

        • Web Threat Protection

          hawkersWeb traffic scan (inclusing SSL), anti-phishing, Search Advisorhawkers

        • Content filtering and control

          hawkersRestrict user access to websites or web categories such as gamblinghawkers

        • Device Control

          hawkersControl which USBs or other external devices can run on user systemshawkers


        • Exploit Defense

          hawkersDetects exploit techniques, stops known and 0-day exploitshawkers

        • Local and Cloud Machine Learning

          hawkersIdentifies unknown malware using ML models perfected since 2008hawkers

        • 0-Trust continuous process behavior monitoring

          hawkersMonitors all running processes, detects and stops malicious ones automaticalyhawkers

        • Network Attack Defense

          hawkersBlocks network-based attacks such as Brute Force or Password Stealershawkers

        • Firewall

          hawkersHost firewall with IDS protecting endpoints inside and outside the networkhawkers

        • Email Security

          hawkersDedicated product to block advanced email attacks, phishing, Email Compromise, and spamhawkers

        • Automated Disinfection and Removal

          hawkersAutomatic actions to block, disinfect or delete threatshawkers


        • Kill Chain Visualization

          hawkersAbility to view each stage of a security incidenthawkers

        • Root Cause Analysis

          hawkersInformation on how an attack happened and find security gapshawkers

        • Incident Detection and Guided Investigation

          hawkersPrioritized incidents with contextual information and investigation tipshawkers

        • Anomaly Detection

          hawkersDetection of potential attacks by analyzing deviations from regular behaviour pattershawkers

        • MITRE event tagging

          hawkersContextual information around incidents using the MITRE standardhawkers

        • Isolate endpoints

          hawkersDisconnect infected endpoint from the network with one clickhawkers

        • Remote commmand shell

          hawkersRemote command shell from GravityZone into infected or suspicious systemshawkers

        • Managed Detection and Response

          hawkersBitdefender expert threat hunting and monitoring augmenting MSP capabilitieshawkers

        hawkersOne console, optimized security for physical workstations and servers, Virtual and Cloud workloadshawkers. Gain top protection designed for minimal VM resource impact across any hypervisor and leverage the dedicated Bitdefender Security for AWS and Azure



        • Sales training
        • Technical training
        • Simple to generate demos
        • Dedicated MSP webinars
        • Dedicated Channel Account Mgr


        • #1 ranked security
        • Level 2 support
        • Dynamic monthly licensing
        • Aggregated tier-based pricing
        • Access to leading cloud & virtualization security


        “We continue to be a Bitdefender customer because we enjoy the product. The product works. It does what it's supposed to do and the support is excellent. We re-evaluated it again, and we said no, there's nothing out there that really can compete.”

        Will McKillop, Director of Field Service, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems


        “I’m confident Bitdefender is the best solution because I've seen the results. I've seen it stop the infections, I've seen it have the minimal performance impact, I’ve seen it easy to deploy. I don't have to babysit it. If there's a problem, I know how to resolve it. And so I think those results speak for themselves, really.”

        Tyler Thomas, Senior IT Services Technician, IRIS Solutions
        IRIS Solutions keeps dental practice clients safe from cyberthreats


        “For software to be something that you truly love, it has to do all the things correctly. It has to have a great console. It has to be able to protect against viruses. It has to be easy to deploy. It's got to be commercially viable for you to sell. Bitdefender just ticks the boxes in all of those areas. That's why we chose it.”

        John Williams, Managing Director, Northstar Services Ltd.
        Northstar Services improves protection and reduces overhead with Bitdefender MSP security


        Do you need help deciding which solution is right for you? The Bitdefender Sales Team is happy to be of service.

        Replacing Symantec?

        Make the right choice.