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        This article will help you troubleshoot and fix common activation errors in Bitdefender Central.


        飞艇计划Error飞艇计划 飞艇计划What it means and how to fix it飞艇计划
        飞艇计划Oops, the code you have entered is invalid.飞艇计划

        You may see this error because the activation code you entered contains typos or it has been invalidated.

        Your Bitdefender activation code must be 7 or 10 digit long, all caps. It never includes the letter “o” (it’s the number zero) and the number “1” (it’s the letter i).

        Double check for typos when entering the activation code. If the code is still rejected as invalid, please contact Bitdefender support.

        飞艇计划This key was already used to generate a subscription.飞艇计划

        This error indicates that the Bitdefender code is already activated either on the same Central account or on another one.

        Activation codes can only be used once, to activate your subscription, which is then automatically associated with your Central account. You do not have to enter the code each time you install Bitdefender on another device.

        If you have another e-mail address try to sign in to Central with that one, the code was probably activated on the other Central account.

        If you never used the code before, contact Bitdefender support for further assistance.

        飞艇计划Your license key is expired.飞艇计划

        This error means that the code has expired.

        If you used the code to register an older Bitdefender version (e.g. Bitdefender 2015) and it has expired in the meantime, you will no longer be able to transform the code in a Central subscription. Please note that for a good management of the renewal time, all the users of a Bitdefender license code expire on the same day on each installation. The validation period starts the countdown at the activation of the first device.

        Make sure the code you used is correct, then try again. If you are sure the code is valid, contact Bitdefender support.

        飞艇计划This code is restricted in your region and can’t be used to activate a subscription on your account. Please contact your vendor for more information.飞艇计划

        Some Bitdefender codes are supposed to be used only in certain countries.

        If you see this error and you happen to travel abroad, wait until you get back to the country where the code was purchased from, then try again to activate it in Central.

        If you believe your Bitdefender code shouldn’t have a regional restriction, contact the vendor or Bitdefender support.

        飞艇计划We weren’t able to migrate your key. Please contact support.飞艇计划

        If you see this error, it means that either the code corresponds to a trial version of Bitdefender, or it was generated from Central for older products such as Bitdefender Security for XP & Vista. Such codes do not qualify for subscriptions.

        If the code was purchased from a vendor, contact Bitdefender support with details of your acquisition.

        飞艇计划This subscription cannot be activated on this account type.飞艇计划


        飞艇计划There was an error activating your subscription. Please try again later.飞艇计划

        Reasons why you might see these errors:

        1.?Bitdefender Small Office Security (Home Office subscription) is already active in Central and you try to activate a code for Home Solutions:

        Bitdefender Total Security
        Bitdefender Internet Security
        Bitdefender Antivirus Plus
        Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac
        Bitdefender Mobile Security
        Bitdefender Family Pack
        Bitdefender Premium Security
        Bitdefender Premium VPN
        Bitdefender BOX

        2. A subscription for Home Solutions is active in Central and you try to activate a Home Office subscription for Bitdefender Small Office Security.

        Currently, Central does not support both subscriptions types.

        You can either activate the code in a different Central account. Or, wait until the current subscription expires, then contact Bitdefender support to help you redeem the new code.

        飞艇计划Sorry, you cannot use this activation code on this account. That’s because with your new code your subscription would be valid for more than the maximum 3-year period. You can still use the code with a different Central account to protect more devices.飞艇计划

        Central subscriptions have a maximum validity of 3 years. You cannot merge activation codes that exceed this period.

        You can either activate the code at a later date,?or you can use it in a different Central account.

        飞艇计划All other error codes飞艇计划 Try again later. If the error persists, contact Bitdefender support.




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