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        For Bitdefender products purchased with payment methods like credit card or PayPal, your activation code will be sent by e-mail, usually straight away.

        For payment methods such as bank transfers or checks, the activation code will be delivered after the payment is confirmed. Bank transfers are typically processed in 2-3 working days from the time the wire payment was sent. If paying by check, it could take up to 2 weeks to receive your payment. If you need the code right away, we recommend buying with a credit card or PayPal.


        If you paid with card or PayPal and you haven’t received your Bitdefender code within 淘宝送彩票30 minutes淘宝送彩票 of successful payment, here is what you should do:

        淘宝送彩票1.? Check all the folders in your mail box, especially Spam or Junk淘宝送彩票. The e-mail might have been blocked by an anti-spam filter.

        淘宝送彩票2.?Wait a few more hours淘宝送彩票. Unexpected processing delays can lead to?exceptional cases.?Nevertheless, you should receive the code no later than 24 hours. You can?track your order and view its status in real-time?by accessing the Order Look-up section available here.

        In the event of an exceptional case, you may install a trial version of the Bitdefender product you ordered, to keep your system safe until the code arrives.

        淘宝送彩票3.?Make sure the e-mail you filled in during the purchase is correct淘宝送彩票. This is to ensure that our system is sending the activation code to the correct e-mail address.


        If you haven’t received your activation code within 24 hours, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.



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